The Stile

Sharonagh Montrose

“It is a strange, gathering place that hangs in space, not truly a text; a partial page and margin whose markings extend the motherboard” Sharonagh Montrose

Title: The Stile
Date: 2018
Medium: Sound

Artist Description:

The Stile is both a place of passage and a transubstantiation station where wonder can take substance. It is a place to pass in single file through memories each sacrosanct within the rite. The stile bridges the borders of memory and is rooted in simpler times when we experienced the world beyond the limitations and manipulations of language: a mangrove swamp was a portal to adventure; a river was for boats and swimming; a fence was for crossing; life was experienced in the body as well as in the mind.

The Stile holds to a Lewisian philosophy of supposals: suppose I stop for a while and stare….


Sharonagh Montrose has a background in music, science and languages. She uses sound as primary medium and brushstroke to compose relationships between everyday objects and the space they inhabit. She explores the physicality of sonic waves and creates polyphonic soundscapes that are as much felt in the body as heard in the ear.

Sharonagh has a PhD in Fine Arts from Elam, University of Auckland. She also has a BSc (Hons) degree from Salford University and a post graduate degree in education from Cambridge University. She exhibits regularly and her work is represented in national and international collections.

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