Beach Master

Jamie Pickernell

Title: Beach Master
Date: 2014
Medium: Corten steel, Stainless steel, Andersite bolder

Artist Description:

Did you know there are “Lions” native to NZ? Mighty Lions of the deep marine, Sea Lions! They are critically endangered and of course the blame is fairly and squarely laid at our collective feet. Steps are well underway to avoid extinction by Doc and the New Zealand Sea lion Trust, but the battle is far from over.

I was lucky enough to encounter sea lions in a very unique way, circumnavigating Stewart Island by Sea kayak. Often landing permission and campsite designation was negotiated with these magnificent beasts. To be challenged and eye balled at water level by mighty lions of the deep marine on a daily basses has left me with a deep awe and respect for them.

So here we have the “Beach Master”. A name commonly given to dominant males whoʼve fought for and won the breeding rights of a harem of female sea lions. This sculpture is part of an on going series exploring blending animal and human characteristics. In his hand heʼs holding an arrow squid which make up part of their diet and put them in direct conflict with the Sub Antarctic Squid Fishery.



Jamie Pickernell began his formal training began in 1989 with a 2 year Craft Design Maori Cert. at what was then called Waiariki Polytechnic in Rotorua. Then completed a Fine Arts Degree at what was then called Whanganui Polytechnics “Taupo Quay School of Fine Art”. Going on to set up “Jamie Pickernell Art Furniture”. 

He has been the recipient of many Art Awards and or the last 19 years he has made a full time living through exhibiting in outdoor sculpture shows and commissioned works, both private and public. These commissions range from sculpture to furniture through to architectural hardware and sign housings. He is inspired by this country, it’s materials, ingenuity, culture, history, flora and forna.



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