Chris Moore

Title: Ornithophobia
Date: 2016
Medium: Corten Steel and bronze

Artist Description:

Birds are very prominent in New Zealand art, from the feather in the hair of a chief in a Goldie painting to Bill Hammond’s anthropomorphic birds spread over his canvases. I have always wondered if our connection with birds is ingrained in us from New Zealand’s very beginning when birds roamed the country unthreatened. When I began sculpting a decade ago I realised quickly just how deep New Zealand’s bird obsession is when my, bird themed works sold quickly and almost everything else end up back at the studio gathering dust, eventually I created the above work “Ornithophobia” it was a way to let out my frustration with this problem it ended up being one of my favourite works. Ironically it was still bird themed.



Chris Moore is a Sculptor, Painter and Blacksmith working from his West Auckland Studio in Oratia. He studied and learnt about metalwork by completing an apprenticeship in traditional blacksmithing in Europe and then training in Bronze casting using the “lost wax” method.

His work appears throughout New Zealand and overseas, with commissions in both private and public collections. In 2019 he was the recipient of the prestigious Sculpture in the Gardens, Friends Acquisition Award for his work ‘Entwined’ at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.


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