Peter Lange

“My career as a potter started by happy chance….” Peter Lange (Extract from page 103 of Hokey Pokey, a book by Peter Lange)

Title: Bollards
Date: 2011
Medium: Brick, Terracotta tile, Glazed brick mosaic

Artist Description:

Bollards are functional, heavy, strong and firm-footed with useful knobs and odd limbs to tie ropes around. On a quiet warm day sitting on a wharf somewhere and staring at them rather too long, they can start to take on the characteristics of reliable and steadfast animals, looking out to sea while bravely holding a boat fast to the land. They take kindly to being climbed on, sat on and talked to, particularly when they have no boats to occupy them. They live on the edge of the water and sometimes at night, when they reach the end of their tether, they will take a quick dip to relax but without ever letting go of the rope.


Peter Lange was born in New Zealand in 1944. In his early years he travelled the world, worked in freezing works, factories, building sites, did boat building, prospecting for gold, drove a London mini-cab and even cleaned silver at Buckingham Palace. In 1973 he moved back to NZ to settle down, starting both a family and professional potting. 

Since then this talented, down to earth and humour filled ceramicist has established himself through countless awards, exhibitions, residencies, teaching, public commissions and was even President of the Auckland Studio of Potters. 

Amongst his many accomplishments, in 2002 he built a 2 tonne, 6 metre long Brick Boat that floated in the harbour at Auckland proving his mastery of his well known medium of brick. Today Peter continues to transforms ordinary everyday things into extraordinary objects.

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