Lofty Dreams

Katie Blundell Artist

“We live in hope.” Katie Blundell Artist

Title: Lofty Dreams
Date: 2020
Medium: Concrete, Stainless Steel, Copper, Plywood, Paint

Artist Description:

Inspired by Covid 19 lockdown the Boatsheds were a sanity project with the aim of being uplifting. They became a mirage to focus on through difficult times and now stand tall and strong like lighthouses. They act as beacons of hope, encouraging us to keep our chins up.

Influenced by the playful work of Dr Seuss who used the ridiculous to make sense of the world. These boatsheds attempt to create a peaceful haven amongst the madness of uncertainty. They are not based on a singular reality instead they are a montage of what is and what could be. Transporting us to a safe place of fiction where we have room to be.

Moving forward, they are a reminder to keep dreaming ‘Lofty dreams.’


Katie Blundell Artist is a mixed media Artist with a Masters of Fine Art from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University. Using common thoughts and feelings that come along with being human, her work is both personal and universal. Her artwork is enjoyed by many private and public collectors both here and abroad including the Wallace Arts Trust. Recently in 2019 she was selected as a Finalist in the 28th Annual Wallace Art Awards. From her Gallery+Studio she creates, exhibits and teaches Art Classes and workshops, also helping manage Riverhaven Artland and the Clevedon Art Trail.


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